Patrick Noonan


Patrick Noonan is a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional with 25 years of experience providing technical and management consulting services for geospatial and related technology project implementations for utilities with a core competency in strategic planning, standards and best practices. Patrick has provided landbase program architecture for utility GIS landbase maintenance program development and implementation; application management for initiatives; business process design for GIS maintenance; data conversion and conflation; and GIS application use case solutions (requirements, design, testing, implementation) for landbase change detection, feature- and layer-level metadata maintenance and viewing, network tracing (meter to substation for structural and electrical), automated meter mapping, map product rendering (structural, geoschematic), and capital project implementation (CAD-GIS). Patrick began his career as a sales manager for FMS/AC GIS software and Autodesk GIS products, and became a senior technical consultant with Convergent Group/SchlumbergerSema before starting his own consulting company in 2001. He recently served as Business Solutions Architect for Southern California Edison before joining Excergy in 2016. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Geography from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Master of Science in Geography form the University of South Carolina.