Excergy Insider: EP05 Joel Westvold


In episode five of Excergy Insider, Todd interviews Joel Westvold, an executive consultant and senior program manager who works extensively with utility clients on technology projects. Westvold previously worked at Portland General Electric, where he gained over twenty-five years of utility management experience, including leading PGE’s national award-winning AMI project. He then worked for five years as an executive with a technology provider, where he was responsible for building relationships with some of the largest clients and utilities in the country. Westvold joined the Excergy team in 2016, and along with his extensive experience, he also brings to the table his B.S. in chemical engineering from Oregon State and his Executive MBA from the University of Washington.

Show Notes

  • Westvold discusses how his previous experience helped shape his work with Excergy. Having been a customer of consulting services himself, his approach is to focus on what the customer needs. He’s also able to help clients understand where the manufacturers are coming from.
  • His skills add value on the utilities side. Utility can lack an understanding of technology issues and how to deal with them. Consulting can help.
  • Which is more important, skills or process?
  • Westvold discusses Peak Performance, what it means to him, and how it helps utility clients achieve a level of effectiveness and efficiency that is beyond their expectations.
  • Westvold recalls what drew him to Excergy.
  • Excergy brings an expertise that many consulting firms don’t have. That expertise allows them to help their clients achieve Peak Performance.