Excergy Insider: EP03 Mark Hatfield



In episode three of Excergy Insider, Todd interviews Mark Hatfield, one of the senior consultants at Excergy. Hatfield has over twenty-two years of experience doing visioning, selecting, design, and implementation work across a variety of operational systems in water, gas, and electrical utilities. For the past eight years, Hatfield has been focused on advanced metering and smart grid projects.

Show Notes

  • Introduction of guest Mark Hatfield
  • Pre-project, Hatfield contributes to project definitions, setting strategies, defining what clients want to accomplish, building business cases to justify the projects, vendor selection, and contract negotiation.
  • Some popular projects are strategic technology roadmaps and IT roadmaps.
  • Moving from pre-project to project implementation, Hatfield contributes to requirements, definitions, extending details, and business process work.
  • Hatfield started in GIS work. As clients’ visions expanded, he learned new skills and expanded as well.
  • After working with AMI, he’s seeing a resurgence in some of the core technologies he started with. He’s looking forward to Smart Cities work in the future.
  • Hatfield gives an explanation and assessment of strategic technology and IT roadmaps and explains how roadmaps help clients figure out what they want to achieve.
  • Hatfield shares his advice for clients considering moving forward with Smart Cities projects.
  • Peak Performance is an important part of Excergy. Hatfield shares what Peak Performance means to him.