Excergy Consultants to Share Smart Meter Knowledge for EUCI CEU-credited Courses


Excergy’s industry-leading experts are teaching two CEU-credited courses in Denver this March. As part of EUCI’s continuing education program, Excergy’s Jim Ketchledge, Lynn Adams, Mark Hatfield, and Joel Westvold will be teaching two courses on Smart Metering 101 and Advanced Smart Metering to be held on March 19th and March 20th, respectively, at EUCI’s headquarters campus in Denver, Colorado.

The Smart Metering 101 course is designed to provide a practical overview of smart meters for utility and other industry personnel who want to learn more about AMI and smart meters. Learning outcomes include:

  • Explaining the functionality of smart meter technology
  • Discussing the background of smart meters so attendees can understand the basic concepts and complexities
  • Explaining the business transformation and organizational change management aspects that are necessary for a project’s success
  • Discussing how customers benefit from smart meters
  • Explaining the implementation process and how to make it successful

This course provides 0.8 CEUs. For more information, or to register >https://www.euci.com/event_post/0318-smart-metering/

The Advanced Smart Metering course takes an in-depth dive on smart meter technologies, the overall functionality, and the specific ways in which smart meters are already transforming the utility landscape. Leaning outcomes include:

  • Explaining the integration process of smart meter data into a utilities customer service and asset management systems
  • Discussing how smart meters have become an essential part in operations management
  • Discussing how computerizing the traditional grid with AMI enables the development of new and dynamic rate offerings
  • Evaluating how smart meters enable analytics solutions to help utilities map and navigate their own grids in entirely new ways
  • Discussing how utilities can share their networks with one another

This course provides 0.8 CEUs. For more information, or to register >https://www.euci.com/event_post/0318-advanced-smart-metering