Excergy was founded in 2011 by the leadership of other national firms to offer a compelling value proposition to utilities. We fill the void between big, impersonal firms that focus primarily on their internal success, and solo consultants who cannot provide the breadth that utilities need to craft a holistic solution.

We provide the right team of focused experts, who strive for excellence in all that we do, and have concentrated on the utility industry as our personal career choice and passion. Our people know your business, have lived your challenges, and have delivered working, successful solutions that are endorsed by utility personnel, customers, and governing/regulatory bodies. We also pride ourselves on being easy to work with, open, honest, and friendly.

We approach every engagement as unique, because your business truly is. Weaving in your strategic direction, legacy technology suite, regulatory drivers, business goals, and personnel, your solution needs to be crafted and carefully implemented to achieve maximum return in all dimensions of performance. Our deep and broad experience and collaborative style makes that outcome not only achievable, but also an enjoyable journey.

“They were great to work with in many ways. Excergy’s personnel are open, receptive, and responsive to client needs. I appreciated how they tailored time and services to meet our changing needs and expectations. Great job!”

Assistant General Manager, Burbank Water & Power

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