Adam Tonkin


Adam Tonkin, a Solution Architect and Project Engineer with Excergy, is an expert at implementing and integrating IT systems in a utility with decades of deep practical knowledge. He has 18 years of technical experience across many facets of energy delivery related technology projects including architecture/ design, development, and deployment. Adam’s roles involved not only developing the initial architecture to support multi-system initiatives, but leading systems integration teams and coordinating efforts of third-party product vendors, service providers and internal utility staff to support successful large-scale deployment of these solutions from inception to completion. Adam has extensive architectural experience across both application-level projects and multi-system strategic initiatives as well as experience in a wide range of new and traditional utility operational systems. Prior to joining Excergy in 2012, Adam served as a project engineer and IT solution architect at Convergent Group/SchlumbergerSema and Enspiria Solutions/Black & Veatch, respectively. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Geomatic Science (honors) from the University of Melbourne (Australia).