The Emerging Leader in Utility Consulting and System Integration

Consultation Services


Excergy provides expert consulting on a wide range of technologies, business, and customer topics and challenges that utilities face today. Our particular strength is in Smart Grid implementations, from the first business case to the final system acceptance test case, and everything in between. While Advanced Metering technologies continue to drive the market and are a core strength, we also understand and can guide you on the roadmap beyond these foundational technologies and into advanced capabilities like Distribution Automation (DA) and Demand Response (DR), ensuring your systems of today can evolve and support your Utility of Tomorrow.

System Integration


Excergy’s System Integration (SI) services are all about how to implement a utility project successfully, with services like award winning project management, solution architecture, change management, & test engineering and proficiency in solving the tough data and integration issues to make many disparate systems behave as one. We meld our offering to match your needs, and can take a light, helping hand approach where needed or can take ownership of areas and deliver results.  We also offer these services individually, or together to match your needs. Our personnel and the client projects they have helped have won industry awards for innovation, delivering results, and community collaboration.


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